CNC Machining Services for Military Parts & Assemblies

Competitively Priced, Precision Components

Military Vehicles

Linda Tool is a trusted supplier of military parts and electronic components to leading manufacturers of tanks, aircraft, spacecraft, firearms, and weapons for the United States Armed Forces and Department of Defense.

Our state-of-the-art CNC machining services deliver the highest quality, complete to print precision components for:

  • Weapons systems, small arms
  • Numerous Aircraft, ie: F-18, B1B, C17, and more…
  • Land based vehicles, tanks, trucks, personnel carrier
  • F-18 aircraft landing gear (NSN #5306-01-563-4624 FOR PART
  • “Return to Flight” Program for the NASA Space Shuttle in 2004

Better Than 99% Quality Record

Finding a reliable, cost-effective solution for high quality, precision machined parts and electronic components is key to maintaining your competitive edge and business growth objectives.

Linda Tool strives to consistently provide our customers with products and service that are of exceptional quality and value. Our closely monitored project management and quality control systems have resulted in a better than 99% quality record.

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