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“Project management is the key. Under the strict control of a computerized MRP System, Linda Tool utilizes modern technology and a mature, skilled labor force to achieve consistently high quality components, on time deliveries, and cost controls that allow us to pass the savings on to customers.”

– Michael Di Marino, President, Linda Tool

Achieving and maintaining status as an approved supplier to the world’s leading manufacturers in aerospace, aircraft, controls, weaponry, machinery, and industrial sectors necessitates the highest level of planning and support to ensure that all requirements for quality, speed, repeatability, cost, and efficiency are met.

Linda Tool utilizes state-of-the-art MRP and quality control systems to ensure we meet your exacting specifications complete to print – saving you time and costs without compromising quality. In addition to our quality control certifications required by industry, as well as documentation for all materials, our strict planning and support protocols result in a better than 99% quality record. Our expert team is committed to consistently delivering products and service that are of exceptional quality and value.


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